woman sipping wine

A Year of Joys in Unpretentious Calistoga

In the heart of Napa Valley, the charming community of Calistoga blooms with annual highlights, brimming with life and spirit. This unpretentious year-round resort is a haven for those seeking relaxation, spa treatments, wine tasting, and outdoor activities, all without an ounce of snobbery.

In September, the Calistoga Harvest Table event ushers in the fall season. Imagine savoring local wines and seasonal fare on a long table nestled between the city’s historic buildings. The mingling scents of ripe grapes and flavorful dishes encapsulate Calistoga’s vibrant wine culture and farm-to-table ethos.

As winter descends, the Lighted Tractor Parade in December brings a touch of magic to the streets of Calistoga. An unforgettable spectacle of vintage and modern tractors, all adorned with twinkling lights, sparkles through the crisp winter air. This unique parade reflects the community’s connection to its agricultural roots and love for holiday cheer.

In the warmth of summer, Pioneer Park pulses with the rhythm of free concerts. Locals and visitors alike gather on picnic blankets beneath the star-lit sky, relishing the melodic tunes and the inviting community spirit. The park becomes a stage, showcasing talent and fostering unity through the universal language of music.

Calistoga is a place where pretense falls away, replaced by genuine warmth and a relaxed pace of life. Whether you’re indulging in luxurious spa treatments, embarking on a scenic hike, or savoring a glass of world-class wine, this welcoming community invites you to experience the simple pleasures of life. This is the essence of Calistoga – an unassuming paradise that celebrates life’s joys, big and small, all year round.